Ras Trompy Resort Town*

Location:Marsa Alam, Egypt
Services: Master Plan

For the Ras Trompy Master Plan, iPlace individuals lead an international team in the planning for a new resort town on the Egyptian Red Sea, an international beach and diving destination. The 3500 hectare site, located minutes from a new international airport, is distinctive for its 12 kilometers of beaches, lagoons and reefs, and its iconic desert scenery.

Working with the site’s pattern of natural drainage and existing coral formations, the team created a connected open space network of beachfronts, promenades, harbor inlets, water channels, park corridors and golf courses to bring landscape value to all parts of the site. Distinctive resort districts were created around this green network, with each having a strong identity, and all interconnected by pedestrian ways and transit. This work also provided detailed prototype areas to illustrate architectural character and resort village texture. The Ras Trompy Master Plan ultimately provides 9,000,000sqm of new development.






* Projects produced while at Sasaki Associates, Inc. iPlace individuals were design leaders.
* 本项目为iPlace成员在Sasaki Associate公司时的作品,iPlace的成员为其项目的主创设计师。