Highland Meadows Residential Community*

Location:Weston MA, USA
Services: Master Plan, Landscape

In this new residential community work for Highland Real Estate Development, iPlace individuals were leaders in the master planning and schematic landscape design for this age-restricted, low-rise community in Weston Massachusetts. The 44 acre wooded site is one of the last tracts of undeveloped land in Weston. The design team worked together to create the project’s age-restricted zoning, innovative storm water treatment and recharge, and on-site wastewater treatment.

The final concept plan of 69 total residences includes seven affordable units. Homes are carefully positioned on the slopes of the hilltop site to minimize tree clearing, and visibility from outside the community. Many homes are clustered into small groups to form shared courts. The very top of the hill is preserved as a shared village green.





* Projects produced while at Sasaki Associates, Inc. iPlace individuals were design leaders.
* 本项目为iPlace成员在Sasaki Associate公司时的作品,iPlace的成员为其项目的主创设计师。