iPlace Design core team

Core Team

The iPlace founders provide a combined experience of over 100 years of professional work in a variety of project types including resort communities, golf communities, new residential communities, campuses and urban settings. Most of our core team have worked for the well-known landscape firm, Sasaki Associates Inc., where we were leaders in the international practice. We now combine this international perspective and “large firm” experience, with a focus on personal attention to clients and projects. We try to do a few projects very well, from beginning to end.

The iPlace Design group brings a broad base of academic backgrounds to the practice including landscape architecture, planning and urban design. These multiple degrees and diversified experiences enrich our hands-on design approach.

Steve Garbier is the lead design principal of iPlace. He has led the master planning and landscape design for hundreds of large-scale projects and community designs in Europe, America, the Middle East and Asia. Steve focuses primarily on international work and teams with colleagues to help create and sustain an international resort and new-community practice. He has taught and lectured at the Harvard Graduate School of Design Professional Seminars.

Jinfang Gong is from Shanghai and has earned master’s degrees in both China and the United States in multiple-disciplines including landscape architecture, architecture and urban design. She has been a key contributor to business development in the Asia-Pacific market. Her multiple language abilities and knowledge of cultures and communication technologies make Ms. Gong particularly skilled in communications with Chinese and other international clients.

Takako Oji is a Harvard Graduate School of Design landscape architect. Her broad range of work includes domestic and international projects for civic spaces, rooftop gardens, urban streetscapes, college campuses, and waterfront development. As a designer Takako provides a comprehensive understanding of a site including its topography, environment and culture, and then weaves these various influences into contemporary design solutions that are simple, memorable and environmentally sustainable.

Dave Clough uses his considerable built-project experience to develop high-quality, implementable design that is well-crafted in its esthetic and technical dimensions. Dave has the ability to understand the basic design outlines of a master plan framework, and then translate these into meaningful design solutions and details. Dave is familiar with many project types including public plazas, landscaped gardens and the various spaces of new residential communities.

Cate Oranchak is a designer with a broad set of experiences that include built designs for urban waterfronts, campus landscapes and various park and garden projects, large and small. Cate’s work is particularly thoughtful toward a site’s landscape setting and how this informs a design solution that expresses a strong sense of place and identity.

Carol A. Moyles is a landscape architect who has over twenty-five years of experience including many institutional and recreational projects. She has played a leading role in design and project management, collaborating with planners, engineers and architects in an integrated design process.  By understanding context and environmental conditions she is able to synthesize issues, solve problems and deliver outstanding professional services.

For built projects in China, iPlace collaborates with Chinese colleague firms to be more knowledgeable of Chinese customs and regulations, more accessible to Chinese clients and job sites, and more able to provide broader services to clients under the iPlace leadership.