Longyan Project Opens to the Public

On August 16, 2014, Longyan Sports Park is open to the public. A large portion of phase 1 is built, including the east entry, the sales center, the east-west boulevard, the demo public garden and houses, and the golf practice building. Some 40,000 people visited the site.

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Longyan Site Construction Progress

The longyan site is moving forward on construction progress since the beginning of this year. The east entry and the sales center designed by iPlace are taking shape!

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Site Visit in October 2013

Longyan Site Visits and Construction Progress

Ongoing Project: Fujian Longyan Violet Paradise Sports Park – Phase 1 Landscape iPlace Design has been working on the Fujian Longyan Violet Paradise Sports Park Project since late summer of 2013. Involvement started with a winning master plan competition scheme, and has advanced to the landscape design of the key phase one elements: main entry […]

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Longyan Project Opening

Steve Garbier Attends Longyan Project Opening on Feb 9, 2014

Representing the iPlace team Steve Garbier had the opportunity to travel to Longyan, in Fujian Provence, for the Longyan project’s formal opening to the public. In February of 2014, a full day of events was organized in downtown Longyan, where Steve was one of four key consultants invited to present the design and marketing strategies. […]

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Jingdezhen Ceramic and Cultural District Master Plan Won Competition First Prize!

For the 2012 Jingdezhen project, iPlace design provided planning and urban design leadership, in collaboration with professional colleagues at Ci International Design and Tongji University Design Institute, to win the design competition for a new urban district of 1500 hectares for the city of Jingdezheng, China’s historic ceramics-producing center. The plan features new civic government […]

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